A quick look at what Seattle is doing

March 21, 2009 by  

Continuing our ongoing snapshot look at what other city governments are doing to support their music communities, we now look to Seattle.  Seattle’s been busy on the music front lately.  Primarily through the office of Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, the city has used political action and clear, sustained policy direction to make music a force for positive economic and cultural development.  This work has culminated in the “Seattle City of Music” marketing campaign, with Mayor Nickels proclaiming, “Music is a part of Seattle’s identity; it gives our city soul. We don’t just make or listen to music; we live it.”  

Others have noticed this work:  Mayor Nickels was awarded the 2009 Award for Local Arts Leadership jointly by the United States Conference of Mayors’ and Americans for the Arts.

Some of these initiatives don’t make sense for Chicago, others we’d be wise to emulate (and in some areas Chicago’s kicking-butt where Seattle isn’t doing much). But as hope we’re making clear w/these posts, as the independent advocate for Chicago’s music community, CMC is working to see what other music cities are doing, learn from them, develop our own innovative strategies, and thereby improve Chicago.  

And yes, we do realize Austin is the temporary center of the music universe right now with SXSW.  Like we said, Chicago’s music community can learn from others…


One Response to “A quick look at what Seattle is doing”

  1. Betsy on March 22nd, 2009 11:50 am

    Seattle – which is why they continue to be the number one trendsetting city in America.
    I find it unfathomable that Chicago continues to be behind the times as far as the music industry is concerned. Austin is an arty city, and has the weather to be successful with outdoor concerts. ..but it is Seattle who has always set the pace and tone of the future with its underground discoveries and Euro acceptance values. Chicago’s music scene is fragmented – unfriendly and politically inclined – which makes it boring.

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