2012 Spring Airport Music

Music has been selected for the 2012 Spring Airport Music program. Below is a listing of artists selected

Benny Goodman                                Volume 2

Sam Cooke                                         Best of Sam Cooke

Steve Goodman                                 Best of Steve Goodman

Archer Prewitt                                   In the Sun

Jen Porter                                          Closer to the Surface

Petra Van Nuis                                  A Sweet Refrain

Jeannie Lambert & Judy Roberts    Alone With The Blues

Son Seals                                            Deluxe Edition

Toby and the Tremors                     Toby and the Tremors

Kent Rose                                           One Riot, One Ranger

Bob Acri                                              Bob Acri

Chicago Afrobeat Project                  A Move to Silent Unrest

Mothra                                               Giri

Imitation Electric Piano                    Imitation Electric Piano

Passen and Conway                          Swinging on a Gate

Polytheistic Fragments                     Richard Bishop

Pleasantries & Diversions                Barbara Ann Fackler

Two Cold                                            Cityscapes 2010

Solo/Duo                                            Deane Myers



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